# Āto License Generator

Create intellectual property licenses for all your NFTs.

# Overview

The ato-api-form.html page includes a form displaying parameters to set. When the form is submitted, the API sends an intellectual property license (pdf file) in response (in English and French). This file can then be stored and added to the NFT metadata.

# Test

Go to the following page and click on the Download License button:


# Integration

There is no access restriction on the demo version.

For production use, please contact us to get your API key (Discord or email), and follow our integration guide.

# Change log

# v0.9.4-beta

  • Added base 64 API key
  • Added external JS file
  • Added multi-user mode
  • Added UTF-8 support

# v0.9.3-beta

  • Added API key
  • Added payment Solidity contract (Rinkeby)

# v0.9.0-beta

  • Initial version

# Support